lunes, 7 de febrero de 2011

video track of the numbers in English for children


They are hand puppets children would speak in English
at any point in the class.
  rather the beginning to introduce them to the class.
  also to switch to another activity


photos of the work done for the English course

this routine is to:
1, roll call every day.
the class would be divided into three groups
-the bears, who would sit as shown in the locomotive.
-lions, that would lay the squares as they appear in the first car.
- the giraffes, which would lay the squares as they appear in the second carriage.
in the boxes would be attached a photo of each child.
if one day, a child does not come to class, stick up your photo, one of the stickers, bears, giraffes ..... depending on which group they belong.
2 º see the day of the week and chat about the weather